Self-Respect Begins When We Are At Peace With God

It would be interesting to know just what percentage of our time on earth is a time of peace with God. Even further, how much time are we at peace with ourselves? I think that may be an unrealistic question to answer. Most of us have a difficult time knowing when we are at peace, nevertheless how much time we have been at peace. Understanding our nature will probably never happen either. I have known peace and I have known peace with God. I hope you have, too. More than that, I think that we all interpret peace differently. Peace with ourselves, peace with others, peace with our circumstances, peace with our environment and so much more. Peace with God is for most people a rare and vague opportunity. Perhaps only a few have peace with God on a daily basis for even a tenth of their lives. Oh what a joy to say that we have had the privilege of experiencing it at all. Praise God that we have the contrast that helps us to know when we are NOT at peace. One thing for sure, most people long for peace even if they don’t understand it or have never experienced it. How would you comprehend the Word and how much do you long for peace? Would it begin with self-respect? Could we say that self-respect begins when we are at peace with God? Those are interesting thoughts to ponder.

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