Be Persistent, But Be Sure We Are On the Right Track

Diligence is to be rewarded. Hard work is admired. Yes, we should be persistent, but be sure we are on the right track. There are so many projects and objectives to keep us busy and to live productively. When we look back on our lives or someone remembers us when we are gone, what we have done must count for something of value if it has truly been successful. Spiritual rewards are the ones that count and most people don’t or won’t see the reward. When we do something in the name of Jesus (not just in words only), God reads our hearts. Maybe none of them will be noticed or remembered. But God is watching and God rewards our actions even we don’t even consider it a good thing. Perhaps it is only a gentle word or a kind and loving smile to a stranger. Maybe we need to stop considering our good deeds or our hard efforts. Living life with the right spirit of love and with the right incentive will reap rewards beyond our comprehension. So, maybe a ‘do-gooder’ is not so good after all. Let God be the judge!

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