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Worthwhile Reflections

Worth a Million

“The greatest investment we can make is in the life of another person!”

Worth a Thousand Words

“There goes an honorable person; I like doing business with him (or her).”

Worth the Wait

“Anything worth doing is worth doing right!”

Worth Repeating

“Please do it again – do it again!”

Worth the Effort

“You cannot give out enough goodness!”

Worth Sharing

“We should never underestimate the power of the unspoken word!”

Worth Celebrating

“Be blessed as you celebrate the blessings of others!”

Worthwhile Conclusion

“Always appreciate people and receive rewards in humility.”


LifeStyle NetWorthing is an inspirational faith-based book. It was written as a result of the welcomed concept of a new style of networking called ‘NetWorthing’. The Author coined a phrase saying that it was the ‘silver lining to networking’ after recognizing the value of investing in the living of others for years.  

“I make friends for a living” became a common response from the Author until she sat down at a Kinko’s store in Alpharetta, Georgia to write the outline of the book to express her grateful spirit for all the friends that had enriched her life in the business community. 

Each story (and the book itself) tells what happened as the Author set out to schedule business meetings with executives to discuss their commercial real estate needs. This collection of stories is a sampling of  what happened when a business introduction or a visit culminated into a personal meeting. The separation of faith and work suddenly evaporated as trust began to develop.

The reputation of “Making friends for a Living” started as people began to ask, “what in the world do you do; you are everywhere?” With a transparent spirit of friendliness, the phrase became a laughing point until that day at Kinko’s. 

The book includes stories of business relationships in addition to a story about the most important relationship of all. It is the one that gives meaning to all the others. It is the heart and soul of the Author and many times, the true connection between the friends in business. That is the transparent story of her eternal spiritual relationship with God through Jesus Christ. 

Also included in the book is the history of the Annual High Tech Prayer Breakfast that created a business environment for a coming together of executives and service providers throughout the community.  Speakers like the CTO of Intel and a former Atlanta MCI leader became a ‘place to be’ in town each October. Over 1,400 people of all faiths (or no faith) gathered at 5:59 a.m. for coffee and breakfast with sleep in their eyes to be welcomed with big hugs from other men and women. 

The book is an inspiring revelation of love at work that makes you smile! It is all about the investments we make in people at work as the greatest ROI we can experience.


“As I climbed into bed after midnight, I was so anxious to read this book that I spent the next hour consumed with the message. I read slowly, trying to take in each word. What comes through clearly in the stories is the core of “NetWorthing.” Prior to reading this book, I accepted the term “NetWorthing” as “Polly being Polly” but wasn’t sure anyone else could ever be the same or believe they could approach business in the same manner.

“I thought a book on “NetWorthing” was surely not for everyone, but was just going to be a self-portrait of an amazing lady with an amazing concept to networking. Instead, I found it to be an approach that everyone could use, will feel they should use at some level, and will be inspired to try (even in small ways at first). By keeping the word “NetWorthing” prominent in the book, it presents a single clear theme versus a book of random concepts.

“The quotes introduce faith without pushing religion into a reader’s face, instead causing them to consider a very important approach to business and life.

“All who read this will look at relationships in a new light – the NetWorthing way.”

Loren Burke

Retired Technology Executive

“Although many may know Polly in our Atlanta technology community, I wish everyone did. Professionally, Polly and Wm. Leonard  & Co have done an outstanding job representing Sophicity with our commercial real estate needs. Personally, I am thankful every day for a cold call Polly made in order to get to know me. A cold call that ultimately saved my life and changed my destination for eternity. Thank you Polly for your example of a lifestyle of NetWorthing where you integrate work, relationships, and faith. I love you.”

Dave Mims

CEO, Sophicity
Atlanta, GA

“This book is a breath of fresh air! It will uplift you and leave you inspired. In it you learn how Polly has used her strengths to build meaningful relationships, solid business growth and a joy-filled life. She shares real-life examples that demonstrate the power of taking time to invest in others, in giving without an expectation of immediate return and in trusting in Divine Guidance, even in the rough and tumble world of business. Polly reminds us, “You cannot give out enough goodness…” She is pure goodness, and so is this inspired book. Read it. Begin to ‘NetWorth.’ You too will realize a new eternal sense of power and business strength.”

Suzie Price

Professional Facilitator,
Consultant and Author,
Priceless Professional Development

Life Scripture

“Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves. Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too.”

Philippians 2:3,4 NLT

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