Whisper Loudly: Listening to God with My Whole Heart

“Shouting turns us off and we learn nothing! On the other hand, with a whisper, we instinctively pay more attention. Quietly eavesdrop on the candid conversations Polly has in her quiet moments with God as He Whispers Loudly to her spirit. Are you listening when God whispers to you? You will be astonished at your heart’s response!”

LifeStyle NetWorthing: Integrating Personal & Professional Relationships

Are you familiar with networking? Do you question the transactional approach it sometimes represents? Networking can be effective and modeled perfectly. Consider a new term called “NetWorthing,” the silver lining to networking. It goes deeper and broader, embracing the soul of the transaction. “LifeStyle NetWorthing” can help you find ways to gain joy on the job and mold a legacy of hope for living.

Whisper Loudly Seven-Day Personal Journal

A companion to Whisper Loudly: Listening to God with My Whole Heart.
Hopefully, this journal will be one of a thousand guides to draw you closer to understanding what God wants to whisper to your spirit. I think we can agree on this; if a person seeks God in any small way, He listens. So for whatever it is worth; let this journal light your fire for close fellowship with Him.

Physical Copy $7

Digital Copy $3

Inspiration Cards

10 Assorted “Inspiration Cards” with messages, stories, and bible verses compiled by Polly Rhea Harper. These can be used as cards to send to friends or family for encouragement or can be kept for personal reflections.

Select an option to order assorted cards with or without envelopes, only one design in multiples with or without envelopes, or personalize 10 cards with a personal message with or without envelopes. (Orders without envelopes will receive three of each card instead of one)


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