Whisper Loudly


“Sometimes He shouts loudly because, well … we need it!” (Introduction)

“Slow me down Lord and help me to live in the present.” (Page 15)

“The choices you make today are only stepping stones to lead you to better choices.” (Page 19)

“Spiritual growth takes place during the busy times of life.” (Page 22)

“Blessings begin with the acknowledgement of the source.” (Page 25)

“You must surrender your heart to be open to receive.” (Page 27)


“As Polly shares from her Prayer-journal in this composition, her words reach the very soul of the reader. Her candidness ignites a deep call to each of us for honesty and credibility, especially to ourselves, and before our Lord.

“The confirmation of the Holy Spirit’s response to her prayer is unequivocal, as supported by the scripture references in each whispered assurance. These whispers of the Holy Spirit to Polly’s heart serve to bring God’s greatest abundance in answer to prayer. Whether by scripture or by conscience, we can know the very nature of God, for His response is never contrary to the Word. What a blessing!

Nancy Shuffield

“This book is such a timely topic as people are searching now more than ever before for WHO God is and HOW to connect with Him! You have done a fantastic job!”

Karen Wright

“I just wanted you to know that you cannot imagine how much your book touched my heart, it means so much that you chose the right words in your book that supports the serenity to accept the broken chain of our family life with the loss of my brother.

Dollie Fountain

“This book is such a source of inspiration to me. I read one page a day after my morning scripture reading and consider it ‘my thought for the day.’ I love the three different aspects of your daily walk with the Lord. It is truly a unique and wonderful way to increase and strengthen one’s faith”

Ann Lewis

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