Never Underestimate the Value of Sharing …

Sharing is the name of my joy in life. It can be with a kid in the check out line, a tear with a stranger, an intuitive introduction or the full gospel of Jesus and the life He made available to us. I am much better at sharing than showing gratitude for what someone does for me. Most of the time, it is in the moments afterward that I reflect and appreciate what just happened or was said. It takes a while to acknowledge the value internally. It certainly does not minimize the appreciation. I just get caught up in the moment. Later is when the full impact hits me. Never underestimate what a friend does out of kindness. It reminds me of what happens at the wake for someone after a death takes place. Most of the time, the family is unordinary in their response to us and we are at a loss for words. The key in this matter is that they never forget your presence. They really don’t need ‘the right words’ to be said. Never underestimate the value of sharing … even if it is in body only

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