Good and Bad Lies

Do we recognize a lie when we hear it? If we listen carefully, it might even come from our own lips. We are so accustomed to pleasing people or protecting people, we all do it. Really!!! When is the last time you were asked how you were feeling and you said, “Doing well, how about you?” I realize that is stretching the truth a bit (or is it a lie?), but we need to check our hearts to know the truth. Obviously, there are good and bad lies. Agree? What about the times when a parent tells a toddler that they will never leave them?  Lie. Again, let’s look to our hearts to learn the truth. In your heart you ‘will never leave them’, but we do not have control over our destiny. The message is that we should strive for truth and guard against those unexpected lies that we say unintentionally. I tell you the truth!

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