Why Does God Keep Allowing So Many Trials in My Life?

All of us experience a variety of despair and discouragement. Do we learn from them or are we forever repeating the same struggle or asking the same prayer as we repeat them? Why does God keep allowing so many trials in my life; we ask ourselves? Certainly, we are sincere when we claim that we have learned our lesson — or have we? One of my favorite comments to people is this, “If we keep doing the same thing we are doing, we are going to keep getting the same result.” Yes, that seems overly simplistic, but it is true in my belief as we learn more about how God patiently and consistently stands firm in His discipline. Many of my lessons have finally passed the test of time, but others I regret still haunt me. Learn the lesson well, my friend, and move on. There are plenty more lessons for us to learn.

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