What’s In a Name?

Our name becomes our family legacy. It is often repeated to offspring as first names in addition. But outside those obvious family ties, our name is remembered mostly by how we lived our lives. We are thought of because of the success we accomplished and by how much money we earned or accumulated. Unfortunately, that is not the true value of our name and our legacy. We are remembered one on one by the hearts we have inspired and by the love we have shown. We are remembered by the depth of our sharing a life with another life at just the right time and in the right way. That could have been on a street corner and not even remained in our memory. They remember it as significant, but it went unnoticed by us. Someone told me once that even the smile I gave to someone will be one of my rewards one day. It is hard to imagine the legacy we leave behind and “what’s in a name” branded in another person we meet.

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