Unconditional Love, My Friend!

Life unexpectedly gives us such a gift as Jesus demonstrated. Rare as it is; I can testify that it is possible. The loss of my friend, Judy, yesterday has my heart tenderized. She and I trusted God to heal our friendship after roommate troubles over forty years ago. There were four of us, but the two of us asked God to save our relationship by getting on our knees in prayer. He did a miraculous work in our hearts. From that day forward, whatever the situation or the lapse in time, the promise was never broken. We loved each other as sisters in faith. There was never a time when we took it for granted. Today, with sadness in my heart, I say goodbye to human life and look forward to continuing our spiritual life in eternity. Today, with tenderness and joy, I thank you for your unconditional love, my friend! I will always measure true friendship by the example of what we shared.

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