New Beginnings

A new year and a new leaf … what is the difference? Each day offers new beginnings. But for the sake of the calendar, treat this day as if it were your first and your last. Hmm, didn’t expect that, did you? If this were our last, what kind of FIRST day would you like to experience. Yes, God has plans for us beginning with living according to His Will that He reveals each day. He is not as concerned about whether we live in one place or another like we think. He is concerned that we live a life of obedience and worthy of His praise. When we live close to someone, we are far more aware of where to go and what to do. So, first of all, my hope is that we all seek to know Him and understand His Word as we pursue life each morning. If that happens, we won’t need to wonder about tomorrow because today will prepare us for it. I hope that we can live as though love was our aim and tomorrow less of a concern. Happy New Year – TODAY!

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