Life Offers Hope

A New Year always brings a refreshing ray of hope regardless of circumstances. Most of us think life offers hope 365 days a year. It doesn’t. Life doesn’t always turn lemons into lemonade either. We have a role to play. Our choices make all the difference. Sure, ‘life happens’ and we must ride the tide. However, we can gasp for breath and live fearfully or we can turn over with face up to the sky and smile as we “thank our lucky stars” (so to speak) that we are alive. When this is possible, we can think more clearly, we can be more alert to the surroundings and for sure, we can be aware when help is on the way. This certainly doesn’t always happen as we intend, but when unexpected things happen, we can purpose to rebound with faithful dignity and accept what hope is clearly seen and be thankful! Tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities. We can count on that. The sun will rise like clockwork with new hope as its friend.

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