Fill Me Up, Lord!

Pray with me today for our wellbeing in 2022:  “Lord, You are the Living Well for my physical and spiritual health. You keep my life from being stagnant and infested. You give me refreshment and You give me hydration to fill my spirit with a healthy attitude and renewed love to extend to others in my path. My path is never dry and boring with Your living water to sustain me. Fill me up, Lord! I want to be an overflowing well of living water that reaches hearts of suffering from emptiness and lack of meaning. Please allow me to be used as a clean vessel of freshness! Purify my heart so that I am honest, wise and rich with your truth. I ask for riches so others will share in Your wealth. Saturate my life with Your living water so each moment counts for eternity and let me live out my remaining days allotted in this world with Your everlasting love. Let me live as if this were my last. As has been said, “We need to live each day as if we are dying – because, we are.” Amen” Certainly before God can fill us, we must be empty and open to His loving kindness.

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