For Such a Time as This

Do you know anyone that seems to crave being in the limelight? Their behavior may be self-centered or it may be a result of insecurity. Or the other hand, to reframe our perspective, let’s think of Jesus. Yes, it is a grandiose comparison! We surely agree that He was not a crowd seeker although crowds did follow Him. However, there was one time when for such a time as this, He was willing to be celebrated. God had a donkey with one mission in life – to transport Jesus on His triumphant entry into Jerusalem. (The donkey had never been ridden before that day) Crowds gathered as He made His journey. Jesus was in the center of the procession as the people shouted praises. This was a triumphant day in more than one way. Jesus submitted to being the center of attention so that we would have a path to the Kingdom. 

(Mark chapter 11)

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