Mind Our Own Business

Caring deeply about others is sometimes a downfall rather than an accolade. Yes, we all have our own calling if only for a season, but it can often be mishandled. Under the guise of caring for someone, what we really want is for us to ‘fix’ them. We need to ask ourselves if our concern is to change the other person to satisfy our desires and hopes for them. Parents are often guilty because they have mixed feelings and roles to carry out. Faith in God allows them the courage to mind their own business. We forget that we had to learn our lessons the hard way, yet we may stand in the way of our love one. In fact, they are the one accountable to God for taking personal responsibility for their own life. No matter how much we love them, we can’t carry their cross for them. How do we expect them to benefit from their struggles if we stand in the way. “Standing in the gap” for a person actually is to believe through prayer that God can give them the strength to carry their own burdens and therefore reap their own rewards.

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