“United, We Stand Together!”

As we read together, I pray that we are united with one mind, one heart and one faith. There seems to always be a bond of some kind that connects people … something so basic as a childhood history together. But not always is there even the slightest history. We can be united by a spontaneous action of service, as we reach to save someone from an accident, as we rejoice in the sweet behavior of a child or maybe in the displeasure of a screaming child in a public place or maybe through the mutual love of a friend. Even more deeply we can connect through a common faith, the belief of a common Savior who gives us hope for eternity. In these times of separation and division, I hope we can share the belief that people are still capable of loving, sharing and forgiving. This just might be the one thing that brings us together in times of crises like 9/11 and I pray that this tragedy and others since then are not in vein because “united, we stand together!”

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