“Way to Go Team!”

Shouting for joy over so many happenings, but no shout for joy over what God has done or is doing in my life. Why is this true in my life and in yours? It puzzles me that a ballgame can lead so many people to be out of their mind with outbursts of excitement with no hesitancy to hold back in faith matters. Yet, we say in strong confidence that God loves me and that He loves you. We raise our hands with no restraint in a moment of time, yet we bottle up with restraint to share our faith openly. Honestly, I am preaching to the choir here. I am the first to say, I do this. With one exception … I am not a sports nut. My rationalization is that I take my faith more seriously and am guarded over being misunderstood or inconsistent in my behavior. I would never want you to think that my faith is shallow or unpredictable. Do you know what I mean? Have you ever considered this reflection? Next time you are at a game, I won’t be surprise if you at least think about this when you yell out, “Way to go, team!”

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